Basic Genealogical Websites

Major Links

FamilySearch - World's largest free family history site
Family History Digitized Books - Digitized from various major genealogical collections
Family History Research Wiki- Genealogical Word Lists for translations to English, research outlines, information on societies, etc.
Translator - Translate from foreign language to English
UsGenWeb Project - United States
WorldCat - Collections at Libraries

Death Related Links

Find A Grave - Graves in the USA and Canada
Obituaries -'s Obitfinder
Obituaries - The Peterson Chapel for the St. Michael area

Maps - Historical and Modern

Central Europe - Historical Maps
German Empire - Historical Maps - Scroll to grid map, enlarge map, select number in upper-right corner of desired map, scroll down further to select detailed map from selected number
Germany - Surname Distribution Map - Modern Germany
Poland - Modern Maps
Poland - Surname Distribution Map - Modern Poland
World - Search all

Passenger Arrival Lists

Castle Garden - Passenger arrival search
Ellis Island - Passenger arrival search (Register for free)
Germans to America - Arrival search
Surname Distribution Map - Modern Germany
Surname Distribution Map - Modern Poland

People Locators

PeopleFinders - Places people and their ages with possible relationships
ZabaSearch - Specific addresses where people lived, often including a phone number (published or unpublished)
Whitepages - Phone directory
Switchboard - Phone directory
Zillow - Type in address, enter, then scroll down and click on "County Website" hyperlink


Historical Records Collection - Indices and digital images of records from FamilySearch


Historical Records Collection - Indices and digital images of records from FamilySearch


Historical Records Collection - Indices and images of records from FamilySearch
Marriage Filings - Minnesota Official Marriage System by MACO
Minnesota Historical Society - For birth and death indices, etc.
Obituaries - The Peterson Chapel from 2011 to present - St. Michael area


Digital Heritage - Indices and images
Historical Records Collection - Indices and images of records from FamilySearch


Historical Records Collection - Indices and images of records from FamilySearch
Historical Society - Database

Outside the United States:


Historical Records Collection - Indices and images of records from FamilySearch


Calendar - Convert French Republican Calendar (Napoleon era) to Gregorian Calendar
French Word Lists - French to English
Historical Records Collection - Indices and images of records from FamilySearch

German Empire

Germany Genealogy Internet Portal - German genealogy site
Kartenmeister - Scroll down for German-Polish and Polish-German locality names and their church and civil records localities (not complete)
Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg - Digital images of some parish registers
Telephone Directory - Modern Germany
German Gazetteers
Meyers Gazetteer - Lists virtually all localities in the former German Empire.
Search the index of the Prussian gazetteers:
Eifel Region - Five Counties - by Stephen S Barthel - Kreis Bitburg, Cochem, Daun, Prüm, and Wittlich - Note the church or civil (vital) records localities for village, then check type in the name of the records locality on
Eifel Region - Birth and Marriage Search by town - by Tom Pick - (Does not include all localities in the Eifel Region.)



Modern Map - (see also links to older maps in map section near the top of the page)
Kartenmeister - scroll down the page and enter German or Polish info into appropriate field
Internet Polish Genealogical Source - Links to sites, databases, and other sources
Poznan Project  - Database
Polish Genealogical Word List - Polish to English
Latin Genealogical Work List - Latin to English
German Genealogical Word List - German to English



Riksarkivet - (Digital Archives of Sweden)
Digitized Records from FamilySearch


Telephone Directory - To see where surnames are today

United Kingdom & Ireland



English French German Polish

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Our next meeting will take place on Monday, April 9th, at 7:00 PM in the Library Conference Room at St. Michael City Center, 11800 Town Center Drive. All members are eligible, and encouraged to vote on five new Board Members to serve a three year term, which begins following this April Annual Meeting. Board Members will then appoint a new President and Vice-President to serve for the next two years.

Ken Zylla signed and numbered prints depicting a Central Avenue street scene in St. Michael, circa 1960, are still available. Call 763-497-4205 or email for further information and/or an Order Form. Prints are also available for purchase online. Simply go to the "Store" tab above.

Order Forms and flyers describing the Print "St. Michael, USA" can also be picked up at St. Michael City Hall. We regret to inform all that the Artist's Proofs are sold out.  





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