1940 - Frankfort Township (excluding Albertville and Hanover)

NameRelationAgeAdjusted From
Awe, Adolph Brother 58  
Awe, Ida T Wife 58  
Awe, William F Head 62  
Aydt, Alquin J Wife 32  
Aydt, Austin J Son 18  
Aydt, Frances Wife 60 Aydt, Francis
Aydt, Ignatius Head 66  
Aydt, Inez C Daughter 26  
Barthel Clemens C Son 18  
Barthel Rose Wife 39  
Barthel, Alfred N Head 23  
Barthel, Alto L Son 24  
Barthel, Anna M Wife 57  
Barthel, Bernadette C Wife 21  
Barthel, Bernard A Son 25  
Barthel, Carl P Head 26  
Barthel, Cecelia K Daughter 18  
Barthel, Cletus L Head 28  
Barthel, Darlene M Daughter 3  
Barthel, Dorothy M Daughter 12  
Barthel, Duane A Son 0  
Barthel, Edwin Head 39  
Barthel, Felix J Head 36  
Barthel, Florence L Wife 29  
Barthel, Florence M Wife 36  
Barthel, Gregor J Head 34  
Barthel, Hubert Head 69  
Barthel, Jacob Father 70  
Barthel, Jannet M Daughter 10  
Barthel, Jerome L Head 32  
Barthel, Joseph N Son 23  
Barthel, Katherine Mother 64  
Barthel, La Verne C Daughter 4  
Barthel, Lambert P Son 48  
Barthel, Leander L Son 17  
Barthel, Leo J Head 38  
Barthel, Lillian M Wife 32  
Barthel, Lowell J Son 10  
Barthel, Lucy E Wife 31  
Barthel, Margaret Wife 65  
Barthel, Marlyn L Daughter 7  
Barthel, Martha Wife 30  
Barthel, Mary A Wife 62  
Barthel, Math J Head 66  
Barthel, Mathias H Head 68  
Barthel, Matt A Head 65  
Barthel, Mildred E Daughter 7  
Barthel, Monica C Daughter 33  
Barthel, Norbert L Son 24  
Barthel, Peter Father-in-Law 65  
Barthel, Roland G Son 6  
Barthel, Roman J Son 27  
Barthel, Rose Mary Daughter 17  
Barthel, Rudolph N Son 20  
Barthel, Theresa Wife 58  
Barthel, Wallace P Son 14  
Barthel, Wilhelmina N Daughter 3  
Basia, Herman A Head 67  
Beck, Clyde J Son 16  
Beck, Floyd J Son 21  
Beck, Otto T Head 51  
Beck, Roma M Wife 44  
Becker, Frank A Father 68  
Becker, Leo E Head 33  
Becker, Malita M Wife 34  
Belanger, Lawrence J Nephew 28  
Berning, Anna Wife 44  
Berning, Annella M Daughter 11  
Berning, Arthur D Son 5  
Berning, Ben H Head 51  
Berning, Evelyn M Daughter 19  
Berning, Everett F Son 25  
Berning, Irene A Daughter 8  
Berning, James V Son 3  
Berning, Jerome B Son 13  
Berning, Joseph L Son 10  
Berning, Leon J Son 19  
Berning, Lowell F Son 15  
Berning, Lucille O Daughter 12  
Berning, Mae M Wife 47  
Berning, Markus Head 47  
Berning, Oscar A Head 43  
Berning, Raymond A Son 17  
Berning, Teresa Wife 42  
Blake, Delsie M Daughter 13  
Blake, Elvin J Son 21  
Blake, Frank Head 57  
Blake, Harriet E Daughter 18  
Blake, Pearl M Daughter 16  
Blake, Phyllis Wife 39  
Blake, Vernon M Son 19  
Block, George H Son 18  
Block, Lena E Wife 50  
Block, Martin F Head 55  
Block, Melvin W Son 20  
Bobendrier, Carol Marie Daughter 2  
Bobendrier, Clarence H Head 25  
Bobendrier, Clarence H Jr Son 3  
Bobendrier, Darrell J Son 4  
Bobendrier, Donna Mae Daughter 7  
Bobendrier, Eliza L Wife 65  
Bobendrier, Frank Head 63  
Bobendrier, Gug Q Son 35  
Bobendrier, Harvey Head 33  
Bobendrier, John H Head 65  
Bobendrier, Louise M Wife 68  
Bobendrier, Lucy L Wife 32  
Bobendrier, Luella A Daughter 0  
Bobendrier, Nellie C Wife 23  
Bobendrier, Pete A Son 29  
Bobendrier, Raymond Head 38  
Bobendrier, Richard Brother 72  
Bobendrier, Robert R Son 29  
Bobendrier, Stella A Wife 34  
Boese, Bertha C Mother-in-Law 79  
Bourgeois, Adele M Daughter 0  
Bourgeois, Edmond H Head 35  
Bourgeois, Erwin L Son 3  
Bourgeois, Eugene R Son 4  
Bourgeois, Florence R Wife 32  
Bourgeois, Jean E Daughter 2  
Bourgeois, Kenneth J Son 5  
Bourgeois, Laurine Wife 28  
Bourgeois, Marian S Daughter 7  
Bourgeois, Myrna M Daughter 3  
Bourgeois, Pearl A Daughter 6  
Bourgeois, Richard A Head 32  
Bourgeois, Ronald W Son 9  
Breun, Bridget T Wife 23  
Breun, Erwin D Brother 29  
Breun, Heironmus Father 64  
Breun, Ignatius Head 31  
Bruka, George W Head 47  
Bruka, Lillie H Wife 37  
Bruka, Mary Mother 70  
Bruka, Olga C Daughter 0  
Bruska, August J Head 74  
Bruska, August M Son 24  
Bruska, Bertha Wife 53  
Bruska, Evelyn B Granddaughter 1  
Bruska, Leonard G Son 32  
Bruska, Mildred A Daughter-in-Law 20  
Buol, Anna Mother-in-Law 70  
Chouinard, Ernest Head 31 Chounard
Chouinard, Eugene D Son 3 Chounard
Chouinard, Gerald E Son 2 Chounard
Chouinard, Harlan J Son 4 Chounard
Chouinard, James A Son 0 Chounard
Chouinard, Ronald R Son 6 Chounard
Chouinard, Rosella Wife 29 Chounard
Corbin, Anna A Wife 45  
Corbin, Dale T Son 6  
Corbin, Donald L Head 20  
Corbin, Donna May Daughter 9  
Corbin, Elnora E Daughter-in-Law 23  
Corbin, James R Son 0  
Corbin, Laverne J Son 16  
Corbin, Loraine T Son 26  
Corbin, Marie H Wife 18  
Corbin, Mose Head 50  
Corbin, Robert J Son 11  
Daleiden, Edward J Son 47  
Daleiden, Elizabeth Head 73  
Daleiden, Otto Son 39  
Daleiden, William Son 37  
Dean, Archie H Head 40  
Dean, Clayton R Son 16  
Dean, Dolores P Daughter 15  
Dean, Donald P Son 24  
Dean, Hazel M Wife 36  
Dean, Henry M Head 69  
Dean, Nellie F Wife 64  
Dehmer, Alex R Son 4  
Dehmer, Alice M Daughter 11  
Dehmer, Annela C Daughter 8  
Dehmer, Arelene Daughter 12  
Dehmer, Benedict P Brother 35  
Dehmer, Delores M Daughter 7  
Dehmer, Doris I Daughter 6  
Dehmer, Eleanor D Sister 36  
Dehmer, Florence I Daughter 6  
Dehmer, Herbert O Son 15  
Dehmer, Irma A Daughter 9  
Dehmer, Laurentia M Wife 40  
Dehmer, Leo N Head 43  
Dehmer, Leroy M Son 14  
Dehmer, Loren R Son 3  
Dehmer, Margaret C Daughter 5  
Dehmer, Marie L Wife 37  
Dehmer, Math J Head 39  
Dehmer, Norman A Son 10  
Dehmer, Robert A Head 42  
Dehmer, Vernon F Son 12  
Dennin, Janet Daughter 4  
Dennin, Lillian B Wife 38  
Dennin, Raymond L Head 40  
Diedrich, Peter Head 53  
Diedrich, Sophie E Sister 39  
Diem, Clarence F Head 30  
Dixon, Beatrice Wife 31  
Dixon, Delores A Daughter 12  
Dixon, Dewey E Head 42  
Dixon, Earl A Son 9  
Dixon, Esther L Daughter 3  
Dixon, Esther R Wife 44  
Dixon, George W Head 39  
Dixon, Lloyd S Son 20  
Droneck, Andrew L Hired Hand 31  
Droneck, Lawrence G Hired Hand 28  
Duerr, Annella M Daughter 8  
Duerr, Appolonius J Head 47  
Duerr, Arthur H Grandson 28  
Duerr, Clara M Daughter 53  
Duerr, Clarence H Son 5  
Duerr, Clemens F Son 14  
Duerr, Daniel E Son 3  
Duerr, Dorothy M Daughter 12  
Duerr, Eileen I Daughter 6  
Duerr, Genevieve M Daughter 6 Duerr, Geneieve M
Duerr, Gerard J Son 14  
Duerr, Harvey J Son 1  
Duerr, Helen M Wife 43  
Duerr, Ida V Wife 30  
Duerr, Leonard I Son 9  
Duerr, Lorenz Head 51  
Duerr, Marilyn C Daughter 4  
Duerr, Melvin V Son 7  
Duerr, Seraphine Daughter 12  
Duerr, Thresa C Daughter 10  
Duerr, Veronica B Daughter 0  
Duerr, Wilfred J Son 4  
Ebben, Joseph M Hired Hand 21  
Eicher, Victor Hired Hand 18  
Elfman, Thelma Lodger 20  
Ernst, Anna A Wife 44  
Ernst, Arnold W Son 25  
Ernst, August H Son 18  
Ernst, Courtney W Son 22  
Ernst, Emma L Wife 54  
Ernst, Erich A Head 46  
Ernst, Eugene L Son 19  
Ernst, Harriet I Daughter-in-Law 20  
Ernst, Herman H Head 61  
Ernst, Lydia E Wife 29  
Ernst, Milton F Son 17  
Ernst, Ortwin E Son 13  
Ernst, Theodore A Head 32  
Esterly, Emma Head 66  
Esterly, Myron D Son 24  
Esterly, Paul L Son 28  
Eull, Aaron E Son 14  
Eull, Alois M Son 43  
Eull, Alpha E Daughter 11  
Eull, Anna K Head 63  
Eull, Arthur Head 38  
Eull, Bernard A Son 20  
Eull, Catherine R Daughter 5  
Eull, Clarence R Son 8  
Eull, Daniel V Son 10  
Eull, Donald P Son 16  
Eull, Elda O Daughter 12  
Eull, Elizabeth Wife 49  
Eull, Elizabeth Ann Daughter 3  
Eull, Elmer F Son 19  
Eull, Helen M Daughter 11  
Eull, Herbert M Son 19  
Eull, Jacob J Head 54  
Eull, Jean A Daughter 5  
Eull, Jeanette H Daughter 5  
Eull, Katie A Wife 52  
Eull, Kenneth A Son 16  
Eull, LaBelle V Daughter 7  
Eull, Leona L Wife 36  
Eull, Loran W Son 12  
Eull, Margaret Daughter 29  
Eull, Marion Daughter 12  
Eull, Marvin J Son 5  
Eull, Mercedes M Daughter 18  
Eull, Muriel M Daughter 9  
Eull, Ralph V Son 17  
Eull, Raymond W Son 17  
Eull, Roderick Hired Hand 21  
Eull, Roland J Son 7  
Eull, Selmer J Son 16  
Eull, Vernard P Head 45  
Eull, Veronica A Daughter 14  
Eull, Veronica M Wife 34  
Eull, William A Head 43  
Eull, Yvonne M Daughter 4  
Euteneuer, August Hired Hand 42  
Fisher, Clarence A Son-in-Law 21  
Fisher, Lavonne D Granddaughter 0  
Fisher, Sarah M Daughter 20  
Florek, Dolores M Daughter 1  
Florek, Elizabeth K Daughter 0  
Florek, John I Head 30  
Florek, Mathild M Wife 29  
Forsythe, Gladys H Wife 33  
Forsythe, Margaret A Daughter 1  
Forsythe, Mary Ellen Daughter 8  
Forsythe, Muriel M Daughter 12  
Forsythe, Ruth M Daughter 10  
Forsythe, Winfred E Head 44  
Forsythe, Winifred E Daughter 4  
Frank, Gustav H Head 65  
Frank, Hubert M Son 32  
Frank, John A Son 22  
Frank, Mayta L Daughter 19  
Frank, Pauline A Wife 56  
Friedrich, Albert Son 31 Freidrich
Friedrich, Barbara Wife 65 Freidrich
Friedrich, Claudia Daughter 32 Freidrich
Friedrich, Jacob Head 63 Freidrich
Friedrich, Josephine G Sister 45 Freidrich
Friedrich, William Head 44 Freidrich
Fruith, Ben Hired Hand 20  
Gallagher, Martin Head 44  
Galvin, George J Head 26  
Galvin, Mary E Wife 21  
Galvin, Patricia A Daughter 0 Galvin, Patrichia A
Gaspar, Fred C Head 53  
Gaspar, Olga M Wife 50  
Gaspar, Victor E Son 17  
Georges, Albert Lodger 14  
Georges, Ervin H Grandson 24  
Georges, Frank Son-in-Law 49  
Georges, Millie M Daughter 44  
Georges, Myron F Great-Grandson 2  
Georges, Sylvia H Granddaughter 29  
Gerlicher, Henry Lodger 84  
Gochringer, Christian Lodger 66  
Goeb, Alcuin M Brother 26  
Goeb, Anita A Wife 22  
Goeb, Norbert H Head 30  
Goth, Gary J Son 0  
Goth, Henry J Head 29  
Goth, Marie M Wife 29  
Gutknecht, Arthur J Son 19  
Gutknecht, Carl Head 45  
Gutknecht, Carl G Son 16  
Gutknecht, Eleanora Wife 49  
Gutknecht, Elmer A Son 14  
Gutknecht, Elry E Son 12  
Gutknecht, Lillian E Daughter 9  
Gutknecht, Richard A Son 6  
Gutknecht, Walter Son 17  
Gutzwiller, Hermes W Brother 18 Gutzwiller, Hernes W
Gutzwiller, Mercedes K Sister 16  
Gutzwiller, Omer Head 27  
Haag, Coroline C Lodger 60  
Haberman, David T Brother 65  
Haberman, John Head 67  
Haberman, Martha A Sister 59  
Hackenmueller, Bernard P Son 17  
Hackenmueller, Dorothy R Daughter 19  
Hackenmueller, Irmena R Daughter 10  
Hackenmueller, Joseph H Son 9  
Hackenmueller, Verena S Daughter 14  
Hackenmueller, Victoria Daughter 12  
Hackenmueller, Vincent Head 53  
Haffner, Anthony Head 80  
Haffner, Cathrine Wife 81  
Haffner, Gertrude M Daughter 51  
Haffner, Regina F Wife 44  
Haffner, Theodore A Head 55  
Haffner, Vernon T Son 19  
Hahnke, Amanda W Wife 34  
Hahnke, Arlene B Daughter 6  
Hahnke, Edna A Wife 35  
Hahnke, Herman Head 41  
Hahnke, Jean A Daughter 11  
Hahnke, Theodore G Head 43  
Hahnuka, Oscar R Hired Hand 37  
Hartmann, Elizabeth Head 60  
Hartmann, Eugene Hired Hand 29  
Hartmann, Francis A Son 18  
Hartmann, Leona E Daughter 20  
Hartmann, Martin H Son 26  
Hartmann, Mary Daughter 22  
Hartmann, Walter I Son 34  
Hatch, Ella Wife 59  
Hatch, Samuel T Head 69  
Hatcher, Raymond Lodger 19  
Hohenstein, Irene B Daughter 31  
Hohenstein, Ralph W Grandson 9  
Hohenstein, William Son-in-Law 36  
Houst, Francis Hired Hand 23  
Jabas, Leonard Hired Hand 23  
Jaeb, Adlore M Hired Hand 26  
Jansen, Fred H Head 42  
Jansen, Lavania B Wife 37  
Johnson, Calvin Hired Hand 18  
Johnson, Cecelia M Wife 29  
Johnson, Donna C Daughter 0  
Johnson, Milton L Head 27  
Kaiser, John Hired Hand 51  
Kalk, Allyn E Son 4  
Kalk, Bernice G Daughter 13  
Kalk, Betty E Daughter 11  
Kalk, Delores M Daughter 2  
Kalk, Edward S Head 35  
Kalk, Gertrude E Wife 33  
Kalk, Marilyn J Daughter 9  
Kasper, Agnes L Daughter 0  
Kasper, Albin L Head 36  
Kasper, Alfred R Son 3  
Kasper, Alice R Daughter 11  
Kasper, Alois Head 48  
Kasper, Andrew M Son 15  
Kasper, Annella C Daughter 10  
Kasper, Ardell L Daughter 4  
Kasper, Arlene V Daughter 6  
Kasper, Armella E Daughter 19  
Kasper, Arthur J Son 32  
Kasper, August J Head 41  
Kasper, Barbara L Daughter 1  
Kasper, Bernadine Daughter 4  
Kasper, Bernice M Daughter 20  
Kasper, Bertha B Daughter 14  
Kasper, Bertha R Head 67  
Kasper, Bridget M Wife 41  
Kasper, Cyril L Son 7  
Kasper, Delphine C Daughter 9  
Kasper, Diann C Daughter 0  
Kasper, Dolores T Daughter 8  
Kasper, Donald Son 6  
Kasper, Eldon M Son 17  
Kasper, Esther L Daughter 13  
Kasper, Henry Father 78  
Kasper, Ione N Daughter 10  
Kasper, Lena Head 63  
Kasper, Lenore S Daughter 7  
Kasper, Leo F Head 45  
Kasper, Leon W Son 21  
Kasper, Leroy R Son 0  
Kasper, Lloyd T Son 2  
Kasper, Louis A Son 11  
Kasper, Luella J Daughter 9  
Kasper, Luverne C Daughter 15  
Kasper, Margaret A Daughter 5  
Kasper, Marie M Daughter 15  
Kasper, Mary C Daughter 12  
Kasper, Mervin R Son 4  
Kasper, Mike C Son 45  
Kasper, Noretha Daughter 8  
Kasper, Norman Son 11  
Kasper, Ottillia Wife 46  
Kasper, Ralph V Son 4  
Kasper, Raymond Head 37  
Kasper, Regina Wife 33  
Kasper, Richard J Son 39  
Kasper, Rose A Wife 42  
Kasper, Rose Ann Daughter 1  
Kasper, Roseanna C Daughter 2  
Kasper, Saloma C Wife 33  
Kasper, Vernette A Son 7  
Kasper, Victor P Son 29  
Kasper, William J Son 8  
Kastenbaur, John Hired Hand 28  
Kessler, Beverly M Daughter 7  
Kessler, Eugene E Son 19  
Kessler, Francis Dale Son 16  
Kessler, George J Head 50  
Kessler, Gertrude M Wife 42  
Kessler, Jerome G Son 16  
Kessler, John A Son 5  
Kessler, John P Head 51  
Kessler, Joseph G Son 2  
Kessler, Katherine Daughter 0  
Kessler, Kenneth M Son 14  
Kessler, Lawrence J Son 11  
Kessler, Lois E Daughter 12  
Kessler, Marie A Wife 45  
Kessler, Patricia A Daughter 4  
Kessler, Shirley M Daughter 8  
Kessler, Theresa M Wife 43  
Kessler, Virginia A Daughter 14  
Kessler, Wayne J Son 2  
Kessler, William N Son 9  
Kessler, William N Head 44  
Kornovich, Jerome J Hired Hand 20  
Krause, Irene M Lodger 19  
Kremer, Albert N Son 22  
Kremer, Carl Head 63  
Kremer, Cathrine T Wife 62  
Kremer, Joseph C Son 25  
Kremer, Lawrence Son 31  
Kremer, Victor A Son 32  
Ladda, Amelia M Mother 68  
Ladda, Herman E Son 8  
Ladda, Louis O Head 37  
Ladda, Mathilda M Wife 35  
Ladda, Mildred M Daughter 12  
Ladda, Otto G Father 69  
Ladda, Victor L Son 10  
Lahn, Clyde J Son 5  
Lahn, Elsie T Wife 40  
Lahn, Elwenda M Daughter 1  
Lahn, Howard G Son 15  
Lahn, Ione E Daughter 16  
Lahn, Milner J Son 0  
Lahn, Norene C Daughter 12  
Lahn, Ralph J Head 42  
Lahn, Waneta M Daughter 10  
Lahn, Wayne A Son 8  
Leason, Clarence Hired Hand 21  
Lemieux, Magdalen Hired Girl 23  
Lenneman, Adolph E Head 38 Linneman
Lenneman, Agnes M Wife 33 Lennemann
Lenneman, Allen Son 13 Linneman
Lenneman, Anthony H Son 2 Linneman
Lenneman, Dominic Head 36 Lennemann
Lenneman, Emma Wife 28 Linneman
Lenneman, Frances E Son 2 Lennemann
Lenneman, Helen M Wife 49 Linneman
Lenneman, Henry T Head 47 Linneman
Lenneman, Howard L Son 9 Linneman
Lenneman, Imogene I Daughter 8 Lennemann
Lenneman, James B Son 6 Lennemann
Lenneman, Janet Daughter 12 Linneman
Lenneman, Joan T Daughter 2 Linnemann
Lenneman, Joseph L Son 3 Linneman
Lenneman, Lenius Head 31 Lennemann
Lenneman, Luverne M Daughter 0 Lennemann
Lenneman, Marian E Daughter 14 Linneman
Lenneman, Marie M Wife 27 Linneman
Lenneman, Marlene A Daughter 4 Linnemann
Lenneman, Math J Head 34 Linnemann
Lenneman, Mildred M Daughter 3 Linnemann
Lenneman, Monica H Wife 32 Linnemann
Lenneman, Muriel O Daughter 15 Linneman
Lenneman, Richard M Son 12 Linneman
Lenneman, Ronald T Son 7 Linneman
Lenneman, Rosemary M Daughter 4 Lennemann
Lenneman, Theresa Mother 70 Lennemann
Lenneman, Thomas Son 4 Linneman
Lenneman, Thomas Head 40 Linneman
Lenneman, Vernon A Son 7 Linnemann
Lenz, Agnes T Wife 23  
Lenz, Dorothy A Daughter 0  
Lenz, Gerald M Head 34  
Lenz, Lester B Son 3  
Lindenfelser, Anthony H Son 7  
Lindenfelser, Corine M Daughter 9  
Lindenfelser, Donald J Son 2  
Lindenfelser, Ethel M Wife 35  
Lindenfelser, Jane C Daughter 2  
Lindenfelser, Jerome W Son 5  
Lindenfelser, Laura M Daughter 0  
Lindenfelser, Lloyd J Son 4  
Lindenfelser, Mary R Wife 28  
Lindenfelser, Richard P Son 6  
Lindenfelser, Rudolph Head 39  
Lindenfelser, Shirley A Daughter 5  
Lindenfelser, William Head 40  
Lutz, Andrew A Lodger 68  
Maas, Ervin P Son 23  
Maas, Irma A Daughter 19  
Maas, John H Head 51  
Maas, Ruben J Son 17  
Maas, Theresa A Wife 47  
Maki, Frank E Hired Hand 38  
Marx, Cecelia A Sister 18  
Marx, Elizabeth Mother 59  
Marx, George Father 63  
Marx, Mary Ann Wife 22  
Marx, Rienhart Head 25  
Mayer, Clarence Hired Hand 24  
Meinert, George Hired Hand 29  
Micheau, Alex G Head 58  
Micheau, Florence O Daughter 17  
Micheau, Floyd A Son 13  
Micheau, Julia M Wife 53  
Micheau, Rita P Daughter 10  
Milke, Wilbert Hired Hand 28  
Morin, Edmond Head 64  
Morin, Josephine M Wife 59  
Munson, Harold J Son 44  
Munson, John Head 77  
Munson, Nelle R Wife 63  
Mutterer, Donald F Son 23  
Mutterer, Edith I Wife 56  
Mutterer, Ernest G Head 58  
Mutterer, Winfred A Son 21  
Necker, Arthur L Head 30  
Necker, Earl A Son 4  
Necker, Viola Wife 24  
Neisen, Christ K Son 28  
Neisen, Jacob B Grandson 4  
Neisen, James L Grandson 7  
Neisen, Jerome K Grandson 2  
Neisen, Joe J Hired Hand 38  
Neisen, John A Grandson 6  
Neisen, Joseph B Grandson 5  
Neisen, Margaret Head 61  
Neisen, Sophia M Daughter-in-Law 28  
Neisen, Sophia M Granddaughter 1  
Nelles, Conrad A Head 58  
Nelles, Eldon N Son 18  
Nelles, Josephine M Wife 58  
Niesen, Clifford N Son 13  
Niesen, Ella I Wife 35  
Niesen, Harold M Son 9  
Niesen, Hattie E Niece 20  
Niesen, Mike Head 51  
Niesen, Nicholas W Son 7  
Nowack, Ferdinand Head 49  
Owens, Maebella D Granddaughter 12  
Paquette, William Son 41  
Peterson, Milton Lodger 19  
Poirer, Elsie L Wife 25  
Poirier, John J Head 31  
Rancour, Edward Head 74  
Rancour, Evelyn M Wife 29  
Rancour, Fred E Head 36  
Rancour, Selina Wife 64  
Reifler, Amanda Wife 63  
Reifler, Freda Daughter 35  
Reifler, John A Son 41  
Reifler, Sigfried Son 35  
Reifler, Theodore Head 73  
Reifler, Theodore E Son 32  
Reznicek, Annie K Wife 45  
Reznicek, Henry J Son 23  
Reznicek, Marian E Daughter-in-Law 19  
Reznicek, Stephen Head 51  
Richner, Elwood A Son 9  
Richner, Emma R Wife 31  
Richner, Ernest Head 33  
Robeck, Adeline S Wife 29  
Robeck, Barbara A Daughter 3  
Robeck, Benedict Father-in-Law 76  
Robeck, Betty L Daughter 4  
Robeck, Carmen F Daughter 5  
Robeck, Charlotte M Daughter 13  
Robeck, Doris M Daughter 17  
Robeck, Elizabeth T Wife 53  
Robeck, Elmer W Hired Hand 16  
Robeck, Emily M Wife 46  
Robeck, Floris Hired Hand 19  
Robeck, Frank J Head 38  
Robeck, Harold T Son 7  
Robeck, Ione Daughter 15  
Robeck, Jacob L Head 58  
Robeck, James L Son 11  
Robeck, Jeanette R Daughter 1  
Robeck, Joan E Daughter 14  
Robeck, John A Son 4  
Robeck, Lawrence A Son 13  
Robeck, Leo A Head 48  
Robeck, Lila M Daughter 6  
Robeck, Loren R Son 4  
Robeck, Lucy B Wife 30  
Robeck, Mary A Wife 50  
Robeck, Math Jr Head 55  
Robeck, Mathias B Head 42  
Robeck, Maureen M Daughter 8  
Robeck, Omer E Son 12  
Robeck, Paula E Daughter 10  
Robeck, Richard O Son 2  
Robeck, Robert E Son 3  
Robeck, Roger J Son 8  
Robeck, Theodora A Wife 43  
Robeck, Tom F Head 32  
Robeck, Urban J Son 28  
Robeck, Veronica L Daughter 16  
Robeck, Victor C Son 23  
Robeck, William M Head 44  
Robeck, William M Son 16  
Roberts, Martha Head 75  
Roden, Adelor Partner 23  
Roger, Francis J Grandson 0  
Roger, Harry F Son-in-Law 27  
Roger, Irene A Daughter 25  
Roger, Kathrine A Granddaughter 1  
Roloff, Amanda C Wife 59  
Roloff, Carl R Son 30  
Roloff, George W Head 69  
Roloff, Ruth E Daughter-in-Law 28  
Ruppelius, Herbert Hired Hand 28 Ruppeluis
Samuelson, Hugo M Lodger 37  
Schaak, Clarence N Son 44  
Schaak, Lucy K Head 65  
Schaak, Rudolph M Son 40  
Schirmers, Adam N Head 55  
Schirmers, Annie Wife 47  
Schirmers, Beatrice C Daughter 14  
Schirmers, Elroy N Son 22  
Schirmers, Glady M Daughter 20  
Schirmers, Harlan J Son 6  
Schirmers, Marlene A Daughter 7  
Schleif, Allan L Son 27  
Schleif, August C Head 56  
Schleif, Augusta J Wife 56  
Schleif, Bernice E Daughter 14  
Schleif, Dale E Son 14  
Schleif, Delores A Daughter 8  
Schleif, Edward R Head 53  
Schleif, Eldon A Son 15  
Schleif, Elenor M Daughter 31  
Schleif, Emma A Wife 49  
Schleif, Harvey A Son 11  
Schleif, James L Son 9  
Schleif, Melba F Daughter 19  
Schleif, Minnie R Wife 50  
Schleif, Robert H Head 50  
Schleif, Wayne W Son 16  
Schleif, Winton H Son 12  
Schmidt, Almond Head 35  
Schmidt, Kenneth Son 0  
Schmidt, Margaret Wife 24  
Schmidt, Marlin H Son 2  
Schumacher, Ermin O Son 17  
Schumacher, Herman Head 54  
Schumacher, Linus I Son 19  
Schumacher, Oliver L Son 22  
Schumacher, Rose Wife 59  
Schumm, Jene F Son 5  
Schumm, Leah H Daughter 13  
Schumm, Leo E Head 39  
Schumm, Loren C Son 6  
Schumm, Marlene I Daughter 3  
Schumm, Merrill Son 1  
Schumm, Thecla M Wife 37  
Schumm, Vernon V Son 10  
Seeger, Pauline A Wife 59  
Seeger, Russell J Son 32  
Seeger, William F Head 65  
Smith, Dale Hired Hand 20  
Steffens, Alicia R Daughter 6  
Steffens, Anna M Daughter 14  
Steffens, Corinne Daughter 0  
Steffens, Elda S Daughter 12  
Steffens, Grace D Wife 37  
Steffens, Joseph J Son 16  
Steffens, Kathryn M Daughter 10  
Steffens, Leon P Son 7  
Steffens, Mary L Daughter 3  
Steffens, Philip J Head 44  
Swirtz, Walter Hired Hand 21  
Ullman, Math Head 62 Uullman
Valerius, Martha A Sister 30 Valrius
Valerius, Mary Mother 66 Valrius
Valerius, Robert J Brother 45 Valrius
Valerius, Roman Head 28 Valrius
Van De Mark, Arthur E Head 56  
Van De Mark, Ivol W Son 12  
Van De Mark, Minnie M Wife 50  
Varville, Hermine Head 63  
Varville, Leonard G Son 31  
Varville, Raymond D Son 21  
Wagner, Loraine A Wife 26  
Wagner, Walter Head 33  
Wagner, Wanda A Daughter 0  
Walesch, Anna Wife 61  
Walesch, Beatrice M Lodger 15  
Walesch, Berthold Son 37  
Walesch, Claude A Son 30  
Walesch, Gordian Son 24  
Walesch, Inez M Sister-in-Law 16  
Walesch, Peter Head 67  
Walesch, Ruth H Daughter 18  
Waxweiler, Josephine Maid 46  
Weber, Anna C Wife 53  
Weber, Ardella J Daughter 26  
Weber, Betty Jane Daughter 11  
Weber, Donna May Daughter 10  
Weber, Ernestine S Daughter 16  
Weber, Harry G Son 19  
Weber, Matt Head 54  
Weber, Nowel J Son 19  
Weber, Richard G Son 13  
Weber, Rosalyn E Daughter 24  
Weber, Warren W Son 17  
Weese Evelyn L Daughter 11  
Weese, Agnes M Wife 30  
Weese, Albert B Head 54  
Weese, Alvin A Son 22  
Weese, Annie Wife 55  
Weese, Benjamin W Head 34  
Weese, Bernice E Daughter 3  
Weese, Charles A Head 62  
Weese, Clarence A Son 29  
Weese, Dena K Daughter-in-Law 28  
Weese, Dorothy E Daughter 32  
Weese, Edna K Wife 30  
Weese, Elizabeth Wife 49  
Weese, Eva M Wife 59  
Weese, Floyd A Son 27  
Weese, Fred L Head 52  
Weese, Laura H Wife 48  
Weese, Louis W Head 38  
Weese, Shirley E Daughter 4  
Weese, William E Head 63  
Westholter, Anna M Wife 46  
Westholter, Anna M Daughter 3  
Westholter, Bernard J Son 10  
Westholter, Clement J Son 17  
Westholter, Elizabeth M Daughter 7  
Westholter, Lawrence J Son 12  
Westholter, Nicholas O Son 15  
Westholter, Rodger Head 48  
Westholter, Rodger J Son 13  
Wetzig, Bertha Mother-in-Law 81  
Williams, Anna H Wife 39  
Williams, Arthur Hired Hand 23  
Williams, Peter Head 49  
Zachman, Alberta M Daughter 6  
Zachman, Alfred P Son 13  
Zachman, Alois H Brother 38  
Zachman, Alphonse Head 43  
Zachman, Ambrose Head 55  
Zachman, Anita K Daughter 11  
Zachman, Arnold G Son 15  
Zachman, Bernadette M Daughter 10  
Zachman, Donald I Son 12  
Zachman, Earl L Son 8  
Zachman, Edgar J Son 5  
Zachman, Edward D Son 8  
Zachman, Elva L Daughter 9  
Zachman, Emily F Wife 43  
Zachman, Esther C Daughter 13  
Zachman, Eugene G Son 11  
Zachman, Gilbert I Son 8  
Zachman, Gregor Head 49  
Zachman, Harry L Son 0  
Zachman, Henry Head 56  
Zachman, Ida A Wife 49  
Zachman, Irene A Daughter 15  
Zachman, Jeanette H Daughter 1  
Zachman, Jerome H Son 13  
Zachman, John M Son 26  
Zachman, Joseph L Son 7  
Zachman, Latatia K Daughter 9  
Zachman, Leon L Son 17  
Zachman, Leonard E Head 44  
Zachman, Lorena E Wife 20  
Zachman, Lowell J Son 11  
Zachman, Marian E Daughter 6  
Zachman, Martha M Wife 37  
Zachman, Mary A Wife 55  
Zachman, Mary Ann E Daughter 2  
Zachman, Mary S Sister 37  
Zachman, Nick Head 29  
Zachman, Otto A Head 45  
Zachman, Raymond V Son 20  
Zachman, Rita H Daughter 16  
Zachman, Susan Wife 47  
Zachman, Susan M Wife 49  
Zachman, Theresa C Daughter 14  
Zachman, Vernette L Son 5  
Zachman, Vernon F Son 14  
Zachman, Vincent Head 50  
Zachmann, Alice C Daughter 14  
Zachmann, Anna E Daughter 8  
Zachmann, Anthony R Son 16  
Zachmann, Benno J Head 49  
Zachmann, Bernadine M Wife 48  
Zachmann, Carl J Son 10  
Zachmann, Florence C Daughter 17  
Zachmann, Frank C Son 7  
Zachmann, Gerhard Head 51  
Zachmann, Harry J Son 5  
Zachmann, John D Son 12  
Zachmann, Lucile A Daughter 14  
Zachmann, Mathias J Son 10  
Zachmann, Paul A Son 11  
Zachmann, Rose Marie Daughter 2  
Zachmann, Thresa Wife 44  
Zachmann, Wilfred G Son 3  
Zahler, Alice M Daughter 1  
Zahler, Alvin N Son 12  
Zahler, Clara T Wife 43  
Zahler, George L Head 48  
Zahler, Lola M Daughter 18  
Zahler, Lorraine A Daughter 20  
Zahler, Rita A Daughter 10  




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Our next meeting will be on April 10th, 2023 at St. Michael City Hall. Meetings are typically held quarterly on Mondays at 7:00 PM in the Lenhardt Public Meeting Room adjacent to the Library in the St. Michael City Hall building at 11800 Town Center Drive, NE, St. Michael, Minnesota

Interested in a Ken Zylla signed and numbered print depicting a Central Avenue street scene in St. Michael, circa 1960? Email zahlerb66@gmail.com for further information and/or Order Form. Prints also available at our on line "store" tab above.  





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